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The Planets

A Journey through the Solar System

Space probe Juno at her approach to the gas gaint Jupiter, an artistic illustration (Credit: NASA/JPL)

Remote controlled space probes have explored all our planets and discovered a lot of exciting things. Travel with us to these worlds. The first station is the moon, the only orb on which astronauts have landed so far. However, the first goal of future spacecrafts will be our red neighbor planet. Mars is more similar to Earth then all planets in the solar system. Therefore, the researchers hope to find signs of life on it.

We continue to the four major gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with their numerous moons. We pass a comet. This flying iceberg still conserves the materials from which the planets originated 4.5 billion years ago.

Further out is the Pluto, the dwarf planet. In 2015, he was visited by a space probe for the first time. So we found out only recently that he has a very contrasting surface - with pitch black crater landscapes and snowy glaciers.

The exploration of the universe is fascinating and always delivers surprising findings. Experience with us miracles of nature in the solar system!

A production of the Planetarium Münster, Bochum, Mannheim and other German planetariums.

Show suited for children age 10
Length of show: approx. 50 minutes

Trailer in German